Oklahoma Qb Sam Bradford reinjured his throwing shoulder at the weekend against Texas, forcing Landry Jones back into action. Without a follow up to his big Heisman-winning season of a year ago, and an injury limiting any future output this season, you have to consider his draft stock. At the end of last season, Bradford was considering whether to go pro, at the time him in the mix for the top QB ranking. After deciding to return for another season, many considered him to be the top pro prospect along with Colt McCoy. Will his injury and lack of a complete season hurt his draft standing? ULtimately, Bradford’s college body of work may be shortened, but there is plenty of film to study. FOr Bradford it will be about his workouts, interviews etc as scouts try to pick holes in his game and evaluate him physically.


At the start of the year, it was widely assumed that Sam Bradford, Coly McCoy and Jevan Snead were the top 3 2010 NFL prospects at QB, with an asterix beside Tim Tebow. Now, halfway through the season, we are seeing plenty of names pop up.

Bradford remains the consensus, with McCoy still a high pick, but analysts such as Mel Kiper now have Washington’s Jake Locker sitting high. Is it his potential as an athlete to play another position (a  la Matt Jones) or his pro prospects with a development team including HC Steve Sarkisian.

Tony Pike was high on my list of prospects after an underrated season last year at Cincy and now his continued good form has him rising the boards. Another riser is Jimmy Clausen, who as an underclassman, is not always considered, but whose good early season form will have him tipped to at least consider coming out, although that is not a done thing at ND.

Jevan Snead becomes the pundits scapegoat at Ole Miss and, unless there is a big turnaround for the Rebels, expect Snead to return for his senior year to boost his stock and avoid the competition at the position.

Below is Mel Kiper’s Top 5 seniors and Top 5 Juniors.


1. Colt McCoy, Texas
2. Tony Pike, Cincinnati
3. Tim Tebow, Florida
4. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan
5. Jarrett Brown, West Virginia


1. Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
2. Jake Locker, Washington
3. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame
4. Jevan Snead, Mississippi
5. Case Keenum, Houston

Two years ago he led the Illini to the Rose Bowl, but now, senior QB Isaiah ‘Juice’ Williams is on the outer, benched in favour of Eddie McGee for this weekend at least. Illinois’ less than impressive start to the season has seen Williams been scapegoated by HC Ron Zook who is looking for a spark for the Illini. Time will tell if McGee can provide the spark that Williams was long the source of. Either way, with other Big Ten programs on the improve, the Illini might have trouble making the Bowl season.