Round 1, Selection 1, St Louis selects Sam Bradford, QB, University of Oklahoma

The underclassman from Ok has long been predicted as the top player chosen, but it wasn’t until his pro day workout that any doubts about his shoulder were cleared. The new era of Rams football is here and Bradford is the face of it.



Round 1, Selection 25, Denver selects Tim Tebow, QB, University of Florida

Tim Tebow moves on from his collegiate legacy to be under the microscope in Denver. Sure, being in Colorado is a good spatial difference, but the fact that Denver traded up to get him will add pressure. Tebow won’t be an early starter, but McDaniels will find something that makes him work.



Round 2, Selection 16, Carolina selects Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame

It was a frustrating and devestating drop for Clausen. We all thought that Aaron Rodgers wait from a few years ago was tough. But…Clausen ends up in a great situation for him. Strong run game, good OLine, supporting cast with some talent. What saw him drop? Many saw him as immature and lacking leadership intangibles (the opposite of Tebow). We will see who was right!


Round 3, Selection 21, Cleveland selects Colt McCoy, QB, Texas

McCoy waited for his chance but ends up where he was wanted and needed. Sure it was a money sacrifice and an ego check, but you have to think that it is a good situation for McCoy to learn behind Delhomme and not have the pressure associated with a starter-elect. McCoy’s size and arm strength were the concerns by others, but really, the needy teams were not as needy as we thought.


Round 4, Selection 24, Philadelphia selects Mike Kafka, QB, Northwestern

After the departure of McNabb and the ascension of Kevin Kolb, the development guy tag was open and Andy Reid has put it on the Northwestern passer. Kafka was underrated coming out of college, but has climbed boards lately in a solid pickup for the pick-laden Eagles. He may not have the chance to start anytime soon, but will benefit from his tutelage and could become a commodity down the track.

Round 5, Selection 24, Arizona selects John Skelton, QB, Fordham

Here you have a perfect pick for Arizona and for Skelton. The big pocket passer from small-school Fordham has all the measurables and has tested off the charts in workouts. Fordham physically resembles Ben Roethlisberger who Cards HC Ken Whisenhunt developed and he could turn Fordham not only into a solid backup, but good developmental insurance for Leinart.

Round 5, Selection 37, San Diego selects Jonathon Crompton, QB, Tennessee

Another great match as the talented passer from Tennessee becomes the new Charlie Whitehurst in San Diego. With Phillip Rivers entrenched as starter, Crompton can be #3 until Billy Volek moves on and maybe develop into a viable trade option for another team down the track. Crompton benefited from Lane Kiffin’s program in his senior year, developing some consistency after being inconsistent in his underclass years.

Round 6, Selection 7, Tennessee selects Rusty Smith, QB, Florida Atlantic

Smith was something of a below the radar prospect whose time at Florida Atlantic didn’t provide many headlines. Smith has pedigree as the son of a coach and he certainly put his smarts to good use with a strong collegiate career. Many didn’t think he would be drafted, but I view the insight of Tennessee as excellent, with Smith a candidate to move up to #2 quite quickly.

Round 6, Selection 12, Chicago selects Dan LeFevour, QB, Central Michigan

LeFevour stays in the mid-west to show his cold and windy weather pedigree in Chicago. The Bears needed a developmental guy below Jay Cutler and the heavy passing game of Mike Martz and the smarts needed are qualities that LeFevour can handle. LeFevour was touted as a possible 4th rounder, so good value exists here for the Bears.

Round 6, Selection 30, Minnesota selects Joe Webb, QB, UAB

Webb was a QB at Alabama-Birmingham, but is headed to the WR corps.




Round 6, Selection 34, Carolina selects Tony Pike, QB, Cincinnati

The Panthers take their second QB of the draft, getting great value in the late 6th for Tony Pike. Pike was predicted as the 5th QB to be taken, but a less than stellar workout tour pre-draft raised some questions. Here he has the cchance to emerge as the #3 and ultimately could become a valuable trade chip down the track. He might not be happy to be the ‘other” new kid on the block after Clausen.

Round 7, Selection 2, Buffalo selects Levi Brown, QB, Troy

The Bills were expected to go QB much earlier, but they stayed true to other needs and took the chance here for a developmental passer. Brown was underrated and is a good late pickup for Chan Gailey. Practice squad could be on the cards unless he outshines Brohm or Fitzpatrick in camp.

Round 7. Selection 32, New Orleans selects Sean Canfield, QB, Oregon State

The left-hander couldn’t fulfill on his promise at OSU and didn’t wow everyone in the draft lead-up, but offers a good 3rd QB option for the Saints.

Round 7, Selection 43, New England selects Zac Robinson, QB, Oklahoma State

Bill Belichick knows a thing or two about drafting QBs late (Brady/Cassell). Here he might have hit on a player with upside and who could develop into a good #3 option early.


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