Senior Bowl week is here, and with a host of QBs looking for a chance to increase their draft value, opportunity knocks. Top Underclassmen Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are not here, so Mobile gives the likes of Tony Pike, Sean Canfield, Dan LeFevour (all on the North team) and Zac Robinson, Tim Tebow and Jarrett Brown (South team) the chance to stand out amongst the competition. There appear plenty of QB needy teams, particularly in 2nd and 3rd round range, so all of these guys will be wanting to secure these spots.

Early practice attention has been on Tebow, who by all accounts has had his struggles working from under center. But really, everything he does wrong will be scrutinised by his destractors, and his fans will talk about his production and leadership. It will be his mechanics that are the object of all scouts interest.

Look for Tony Pike, Zac Robinson and Sean Canfield to win some fans in NFL scouting depts this week and cement themselves as the best of the 2nd and 3rd round prospects.


No More Favre-watch Please

January 25, 2010

After this blogger appealed for Favre to ”just retire already” last off-season, we were pleasantly surprised and impressed by his performance this year and the great strides it helped the likes of Sidney RIce and Visante Shiancoe make. But as we enter this off-season, lets just make a decision. If you come back, great, if not, don’t drag it out. I can only handle so many images of him fishing in Mississippi.

Sanchez has the ability to make all the throws. He also has the ability to make Jets fans weep. Sound like anyone else who plays QB? Sanchez has all the same moxie as Brett Favre, and will make his share of mistakes, but, on the back of an up and down rookie year, Sanchez proves he has what it takes to be the Jets QB long term, avoiding a Bust label, and see them as a regular playoff contender (provided he can keep a good supporting cast around him). Experience should reduce the number of errors, but his cockiness and swagger is a quality that will define him, one way or another.

I can see Peyton Manning in a guest starring role on CSI: Miami. Only problem is, he might put David Caruso out of a job such is his command of everything the ”bad guy” is going to do. The Jets defense, #1 in the NFL, came up short against the most astute QB mind in the game, making his servicable WR corps look like all-pros. I hope Mark Sanchez has a watch of this game tape, but only when his team is on defense, so he can learn from the master. Manning is headed to Miami, not for a cameo on CSI, but for the starring role opposite Drew Brees for the Superbowl title. Manning doesn’t need any lucky charm, he just wears one on his helmet. People love Favre and his aura and heroics, but you can’t deny Manning is the ultimate QB, and should go down as the best of all time.

Sanchez = Dilfer? Not quite

January 18, 2010

With the winning ways of the New York Jets in this year’s NFL playoffs, many are casting their mind back to playoff and championship teams that have succeeded without a go-to QB option. The easy recollection is of Trent Dilfer in Baltimore’s Superbowl win to start 2001. Dilfer wasn’t charged with the task of winning the game, just not losing it. Is this what the Jets rookie QB Mark Sanchez is being asked to do? Perhaps, but he still has the impulsiveness of a rookie, too quick to snap to judge a decision or risk the big mistake. This is where Dilfer and Sanchez differ. To better find a match for Sanchez situation we must look further back…to a galaxy far, far, away. Read the orginal talent scout’s comments below.

“Ready are you? What know you of ready? For eight hundred years have I trained [quarterbacks]. My own counsel will I keep on who is to be trained. A [quarteback] must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind. This one a long time have I watched. All his life has he looked away… to the future, to the horizon. Never his mind on where he was. Hmm? What he was doing. Hmph. Adventure. Heh. Excitement. Heh. A [quarterback] craves not these things…. You are reckless.”

Either way, just as easily as you can see Sanchez trying to win it, you can see him lose it. Time for the rookie to match it with the pinnacle of QB play.

Top 10 QB Prospects on Film

January 17, 2010

Thanks to Sports Illustrated for this little package.

Pre-Snap Reads

January 12, 2010

* Tim Tebow’s stock might be up after a strong Sugar Bowl performance, but Indianapolis GM Bill Polian suggested teams would have to be willing to run Wildcat formation for 50% of the time to get their value.

* Jason Campbell is denying his fate. The Redskins QB is stating publicly he is excited to have Mike Shanahan on board and is looking forward to working with him in 2010. Is this just a plea to keep his job?

* Speculation is rife that Kurt Warner will retire following this season. The Cards are well and truly alive in the playoff race which will delay any announcement. Are the folks in AZ happy to see Leinart become the main man, or will they look elsewhere?

* Cleveland (for now) QB Brady Quinn is expected to avoid foot surgery. New team president Mike Holmgren suggested his staff have identified rest as the best option.

Qbcentral suggested yesterday that Donovan McNabb was likely to move on in 2010, but is reporting that Eagles HC Andy Reid has stated that McNabb would return for the 2010 season. Excuse the cynic in me, but there would be no value in stating otherwise, whereas trade possibilities remain open if teams don’t assume he will be released.

Read the article here.

Both former first round QBs have underperformed in the time in the league so far, but I would hardly go as far as to say they have proven they can’t play. There have been flashes, inconsistency and generally poor teams surrounding them. Both would benefit from a clean slate and a shot to start elsewhere. But where else? The QB needy teams are numerous at the moment – Seattle, Carolina, St Louis, Washington, Cleveland, Buffalo, Oakland. But is either necessarily going to end up somewhere as the uncontested starter? Not likely. But a shot with a team having either an unproven commodity or a passable starter would be a good option for both parties. Carolina offers the chance to compete with Matt Moore, Buffalo an opportunity to oust Trent Edwards, Oakland somewhere that anyone would be an upgrade or even Jacksonville where not all are sold on David Garrard. Someone like Shanahan in DC or Carroll in Seattle could be tempted to hand over the reins to their offense on a first round talent needing some TLC.

One wildcard is that all of these teams may be interested in seeing how much mileage is in the Michael Vick tank. Needless to say, much change is o the horizon at the QB position, these two only some of the likely pieces.

McNabb Moving

January 10, 2010

Before the whistle had been blown to end the first half of Saturday’s demolition at the hands of the Cowboys, my mind turned straight away to the possible departure of Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia. The time is right for the Eagles to move forward, giving Kevin Kolb a chance to take over, and the market couldn’t be in a better place for McNabb. There are numerous teams in need of QB upgrades and McNabb likely offers a 2 year proposition for one of those teams. So where are we talking about? How about in Cleveland with new President Mike Holmgren. Or St Louis with some former Eagles associates (including former coach Pat Shurmer), what about the beginning of the Shanahan era in DC? All three would make sense for the teams and McNabb, these teams getting the chance to address other needs in the draft. For the Rams it would be a godsend, allowing them to take Suh or Berry in the first, add a young QB in the second and give him time to develop. Cleveland appear likely to end the Brady Quinn era and McNabb could be a good interim without another clear option. The Redskins have been trying to upgrade their QB situation and Jason Campbell is likely to move on, so perhaps a veteran presence under center could give the Skins a chance to draft for OL help early, and get RB support in the second.  One final possibility…how about Seattle? The Seahawks have 2 first round picks and if they could add McNabb and use the two other picks to sure up the OL, add a RB or stock the defense, Pete Carroll is already ahead of where he could be. Interesting times ahead for McNabb no doubt.