The leading QB prospects will be limited in their participation at this week’s NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. Oklahoma’s Sam Bradford and Notre Dame’s Jimmy Clausen, the top 2 and only likely first round picks at QB are both recovering from injuries so are set to skip all workout drills until their Pro Day in April. The duo will be there to be poked and prodded by medical staffs and interviewed by potential NFL teams who are considering the duo for a first round selection. The injury status probably gives these two legitimate reasons and for someone like Clausen, whose tape in a pro-style offense is his best selling point, it should have little effect on his draft value.

Texas’ Colt McCoy indicated he would try to do some throwing, despite being in the stages of rehabilitation from the shoulder injury sustained in the BCS Title Game. McCoy is probably a second round pick and would be keen to show his value in combine drills to cement this billing.

Florida’s Tim Tebow, without doubt the most controversial QB in the class, has elected not to throw, instead waiting to debut his ‘new and improved’ mechanics at the Florida Pro Day. Tebow will go through the mental and medical evaluations and interview processes as scouts try to figure out his value and his true calling in the NFL.

Another prospect with plenty to gain – Central Michigan’s Dan LeFevour – has also surprisingly opted not to participate, instead waiting for his Pro Day. I would have thought he would be primed given the other non-participants, to put on a show.

The stage is then set for a handful of other QBs keen to make sure they are drafted. Cincinatti’s Tony Pike, Oregon State’s Sean Canfield, Ok State’s Zac Robinson, West Virginia’s Jarrett Brown among others are likely to strut their stuff in all areas in the hope of earning the praise and admiration of coaches as GMs in attendance. All could parlay a good combine into a better draft spot.

It might be somewhat of a letdown for the QB position to not have the big guns in action, but it will add to the interest in Pro Day workouts in the coming 5 weeks or so.

NFL Network’s panel discusses these decisions here.


Top Draft Eligible QBs…

February 22, 2010

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Big 12 QB Rankings for 2010

February 12, 2010

The Bleacher Report has Texas A& Ms gunslinger on top. Read about it here.

2 Tickets to the Gun Show

February 7, 2010

With prolific passers Peyton Manning and Drew Brees spearheading their teams in today’s Superbowl, it is hard not to get excited. Efficiency and execution are the trademarks of both players, with neither likely to give away too much to the hungry defenses. Ultimately, it will come down to the defense’s ability to take advantage of any opportunity afforded, with a shootout on the cards. From this blogger’s perspective, it will be on Manning’s game reading skills that the Colts will secure the Lombardi Trophy, Manning adding to his legacy. As for Brees…I think he might get another shot in the future.

Toddler Commits to Texas

February 7, 2010

Ok, so it’s not true, but Lane Kiffin and USC have secured a verbal commitment (the most oxymoronic term in football) from 13yo QB David Sills. Sills is a product of the Steve Clarkson QB Machine and is the latest publicity stunt for Kiffin in the recruiting world. The young passer may well grow into a Division 1 player, but the pressure on him now is huge, just from the public spotlight and scrutiny. Many are already labelling him the second coming of Todd Marinovich. I hope the young man becomes all that he has the potential to be, and isn’t ruined by the calculated marketing ploy at work here.

Brown Big Winner in Mobile

February 1, 2010

Tim Tebow didn’t prove the doubters wrong, Tony Pike cemented his spot as the likely 4th QB off the board, Zac Robinson improved his stock and Jarrett Brown jumped out as a real NFL talent. Those were the main outcomes for QBs at the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama.

Whilst all the attention was on Tebow, it was Zac Robinson having the greatest success and Jarrett Brown proving the best potential. Robinson was pretty sharp, showing good mobility in the pocket and was able to make plays happen downfield. Robinson did have some timing issues with WRs (bound to happen in this sort of game), but helped move him into the 3rd round talks. Jarrett Brown has only had one year as a starter at West Virginia but flashed his big-time arm and athleticism, but also showed his rawness. Ultimately, Brown has the greatest upside of all, and a shrewd talent evaluator with a good QB coach will likely see an opportunity to groom a future star.

Tebow hit a few, missed a few and got caught in his long delivery throw a couple of times. Nothing has changed for him as far as draft stock goes, he will need to be selected by a team that falls in love with his intangibles, or has a creative plan to use him in different ways.

Pike did as expected, flashed a strong arm, plenty of poise and helped his second round prospects. Some are considering him a poor man’s Joe Flacco, which is pretty funny considering Flacco was relatively anonymous at this time 2 years ago.

The road has just begun for these hopefuls.