November 14, 2010

Three QBs are among Todd McShay’s ridiculously early mock draft released on Predictably, McShay has Stanford passer Andrew Luck going #1 overall to, predictably enough, the Buffalo Bills. The Bills look certain to earn #1 overall and Luck is clearly the top passing prospect. He will be a rich man, but what a situation to walk into. Next up was Washington QB Jake Locker. He was the pre-season choice for #1 overall but hasn’t lit it up as expected. Locker’s stock is sure to climb in the postseason as workouts begin. McShay has him headed for Minnesota, where the Favre era is ending and clearly faith in Tarvaris Jackson is not present. Rounding out the QB selections is Ryan Mallett, Arkansas, who McShay has headed to Jacksonville. No doubt the Jags will be in the market for a QB and the big pocket passer will be tough for them to refuse. Other teams that might be ready to make a first round play for a signal caller include Seattle and Washington, so anything is possible.


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