November 14, 2010

MVP – Phillip Rivers, San Diego Chargers

How can a QB on a team with a win-loss record be this winner? Simple. Numbers, intangibles importance to team. Minus the  big-plays of Vincent Jackson, Rivers has made his supporting cast look like stars, much like the effect Peyton Manning has had in Indianapolis throughout the years. If the Chargers didn’t have all the special teams meltdowns, it is likely they would have won at least 3 more games. Rivers play will be critical over the stretch to see the Chargers advance to the playoffs.

Most Disappointing – Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears

Finally, Jay Cutler has admitted he is struggling in Mike Martz system. Cutler doesn’t have the wits to keep up with the reads of Martz system and has been exposed for his slow decision making. He is undoubtedly a gunslinger, but has yet to acquire the savvy to pull it off as Brett Favre has done for so long.

Disaster Situation – Carolina Panthers

Where to start? Matt Moore was very ordinary in his time as Panthers starter and he is now on IR. Jimmy Clausen has shown patches, but has been erratic and shown his rookie status for all to see. Even Clausen has been banged up and fellow rookie Tony Pike earned some snaps. With injuries to DeAngelo Williams and Jonathon Stewart, there is even more pressure on the embattled signal callers.

How to mishandle a QB situation 101 – Washington Redskins

First you acquire a veteran QB to be the man. Then you pull him under bizarre circumstances in a winnable game and challenge his fitness and grasp of the two-minute offense. Way to go Shanahan.

Rising Stars – Matt Ryan (Atlanta) and Joe FLacco (Baltimore).

Both have proven early in their careers that they are gamers, but the duo are among the most consistent and efficient passers going around. With strong run games and defenses that can make plays, their supporting situation is undoubtedly solid, and these two are franchise QBs who have playoffs written all over them.

Rookie of the Year – Sam Bradford, St Louis Rams

Bradford has ensured there has been no second guessing on this #1 overall pick. Bradford has  looked like he belonged from the get-go, despite an underwhelming receiving corps. Bradford is a star in the making and the Rams are set at the position.

Return to Form – Eli Manning, New York Giants

No doubt Manning’s play has been the most consistent it has ever been, with new favourite target Hakeem Nicks helping form an explosive combo. Manning has reduced the turnovers, limited the sacks and given the Giants the look of title hopeful. Manning’s play down the stretch will be pivotal for the G-Men.

Time to start over – Buffalo Bills

Poor Andrew Luck. The Stanford Qb is sure to be the first man taken and that means a long flight from Palo Alto to upstate New York. Not the best situation for Luck, and one that could dissuade him from making the jump and returning for a Heisman campaign for the Cardinal. The Bills opted not to draft a QB, or sign a bigtime QB in FA, so where do they go? Do they look at the Michael Vick option? Explore a trade for Kevin Kolb? Draft Locker or Luck? There are holes everywhere and Chain Gailey needs some help.

Get a Health Plan – Matthew Stafford, Detroit Lions

The budding star looks great when on the field, but in his 2 seasons in the Motor City, it hasn’t been enough. Stafford looks headed for IR after his latest shoulder injury and the Lions must find a way to keep him healthy.

Move that Paid off – Andy Reid, Philadelphia Eagles

Kevin Kolb was the QB of the future in Philly, but early in the season the opportunity arose, through injury,  for Michael Vick to start. And he hasn’t looked back. Reid looks like a genius as Vick has lead the Eagles to prime position for the post-season and the Eagles brass now has a tough decision in the off-season. Vick or Kolb?


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