November 14, 2010

First he exploded onto the SEC scene leading Auburn to the top of the BCS standings, and now come explosive accusations against the former Gator and Blinn College QB Cam Newton. Newton was a hotly sought after commodity out of the JC ranks this past year and his indiscretions at Florida, namely being in possession of a stolen laptop, were known, but the latest accusations are of another level. The Heisman frontrunner is subject of an allegation that he and his family solicited cash for his commitment, the incident sparked by a report filed by Mississippi State Athletic Department. MSU were considered the main threats to Auburn in the signing race and Newton’s familiarity with Bulldogs HC Dan Mullen from his time at Florida had them in good stead for his signature before Newton, apparently under advice from his father Cecil, chose Auburn. Read full coverage here. Amidst the latest round of rumours are reports that Newton was caught cheating on 3 occasions whilst at UF, with these indiscretions the real reason for his transfer. As the spotlight on his off-the-field aspects, discussion is heating up about what this may do for his Heisman prospects. Newton is a clear frontrunner for the award, but already, many voters have suggested they won’t cast a ballot for Newton with this hanging over his head, mindful of the all-too-recent Reggie Bush Heisman debacle. Time will tell on the NCAA investigation and on the Heisman fate of Newton who threw off the controversy by leading the Tigers to another big win, starring in the dismantling of Chattanooga.


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