QB Option – How the Coaching Carousel changes the reads

December 15, 2010

When the coaching carousel stops, how do QBs know whether to stay on for another go, or to get off and try something new? QBCentral looks at some cases around the NCAA to see how we would handle them.

Case 1: My HC is on the hot seat and although I had a great season this past year, a bowl loss could see him fired.  Problem is, his system suits me perfectly and the coach many are wanting here runs a totally different system.

Sound like anyone we know? So Denard, how to handle it. If Rich Rodriguez returns to AA, then no problem, go about your business in 2011 and win a Heisman. If he gets canned, start keeping your eyes out. A Jim Harbaugh hire spells doom for your future and it is time to find a spread offense friendly to you. You have a redshirt left to burn, so use it wisely to transfer to another BCS Div 1 program.

Case 2: Mr HC is constantly rumoured to be ready to jump to the NFL or to his Alma Mater. I am one of the best QBs in the country and among the favourites to be #1 overall in next year’s draft if I come out early.

Well Mr Luck, if Harbaugh goes, so should you. In fact, I don’t see any reason to stay except if you dream for Heisman glory. If your season in 2010 didn’t coincide with Cam Newton, maybe you would have the hardware already. Time to declare, there are many NFL teams ready to make you their brand.

Case 3: My well-respected coach has decided to resign and we have a new sheriff in town. He is a defensive guy, so I am eagerly awaiting the announcement of his OC. He has said he wants to go pro-style, which suits me, so should I wait around, or seek greener pastures, after all, I wasn’t too comfy filling those big shoes.

Wait and see John Brantley. Who knows what Muschamp has up his sleeve. With the rumours of the exodus of the spread in Gainesville, then perhaps this is the fresh start you need. Stay put in Florida for now and see what happens. Otherwise, time to look Mid-Major.

Case 4: I came in as a touted freshman, but ended up as the backup to a guy who still has eligibility left. I am contemplating leaving town for a fresh start. Now I hear there is a new OC coming in who will be HC in a year.

Ok young Brunetti, you still have time on your side. If Holgerson is really coming into town, then a fresh set of eyes gives you a shot. Are you afraid of some competition? If not, time to throw down and make Morgantown your town. If you end up on the wrong end at the end of spring, take the bus to another locale and see what is on offer, time is on your side.

Case 5: I foolishly declared for the draft as an underclassman last year and now am in the unemployment line.

Too late Jevan Snead. Too late.


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