What’s Happening in DC?

December 18, 2010

When Jim Zorn was ousted in Washington and replaced with Mike Shanahan, you got the feeling the Redskins were going to get their ship readied and stabilised. But this season has seen anything but. From the Haynesworth distraction to the overly-veteran backfield and now the baffling QB juggle. McNabb was brought in to be the leader and the quarterback, and we have seen plenty of the McNabb that made him a legend in Philly. But we have seen inconsistency and a sign of wearing tread on the tires. Mid-season we saw McNabb benched because his command of the 2 minute offense and ‘stamina’ were not up to scractch. Now, with 3 games left, Shanahan has benced McNabb, instead to start veteran backup Rex Grossman. Shanahan has indicated it is all about making decisions for 2011, meaning he has seen all he needs to of Donovan and wants to see what Rex and John Beck have to offer. Strange times indeed. They will have a chance to draft a highly ranked QB in 2011, but which young QB wants to walk into that mess!


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