On the Clock…An early look

January 12, 2011

So we have a number of pre-draft activities to dissect before we even start selecting, but already the buzz around the QB class is huge. Not because of the quality, but because of the dire need at the position. The biggest disaster of the draft already for NFL GMs wanting QB help was the decision of Andrew Luck to stay at Stanford. This was a huge boon for the other QBs whose stock just rose. Here are some early thoughts…

First off the board – Blaine Gabbert, Missouri. Has all the tools, the physique and the character that teams love. Will be gone by 5.

Biggest reach who gets taken in the first – Cam Newton, Auburn. Some team won’t be able to help themselves with his athleticism and potential. Think VY lite (but heavier).

Best QB to be taken after the first round – Andy Dalton, TCU (guessing R2). Look for Jacksonville to get in on this action.

Draft sleeper – Jerrod Johnson, Texas A & M. Lost his job at A&M when the Aggies got hot without him. Still has all the tools and played under Mike Sherman.

Here is how I see the first round of QB Drafting:

With the 4th Pick, Cincinnati selects Blaine Gabbert, Missouri

With the 8th Pick, Tennessee selects Ryan Mallett, Arkansas

With the 10th Pick, Washington selects Jake Locker, Washington

I see a trade back into the first for someone to take Newton if he declares and look for San Francisco to consider a move to get Christian Ponder if they don’t think he lasts to their second round.

I have to think if Luck is there, that we get more teams pulling the trigger as better value appears for QB as a flow on from there.

We shall see how the combine and pro-days shake it out!






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