Pro Bowl QB Discussion

January 29, 2011

Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Michael Vick lace them up for the NFC this Pro Bowl and the trio provide a glimpse at the definition of the NFL QB. Brees, the consummate professional is undoubtedly disappointed that he isn’t too busy preparing for the ‘Big Dance’ to take up his spot, but a somewhat down year for the New Orleans passer will have him primed for a better 2011. Ryan represents the young star on the rise. You could see that his star is already ascended, with the Falcons outstanding regular season and Ryan’s tremendous year, but a playoff clunker will be a good reminder of how young Ryan really is. And Vick. Well, nobody would have predicted he would be here, let alone among the NFL MVP leading pollers. Vick is the show of what can be amazing about the NFL, the pure athleticism, the chance for a bad story turned good. Lets hope it stays good.

On the other side, the AFC, the trio of Peyton Manning, Phillip Rivers and Matt Cassel represent some of the understatedness of the NFL. Manning needs no introduction, but his low key off-field demeanour belies his achievements and the respect he commands. He is no doubting hurting after the COlts playoff exit, and will likely let that fuel his offseason. Rivers makes his Pro Bowl debut as a voted in player. Rivers was an early season MVP candidate, carrying his Chargers on his shoulders, only to have their disastrous special teams play take it away. Cassel earns his nod on the back of Tom Brady’s withdrawal. Cassel was discussed as one of the snubs of the voting process, plying his trade quietly down in KC. The Chiefs piled up their best season in recent memory and the play of Cassel was a big part. When the Chiefs had a late season slide, much of it fell on Cassel’s shoulders and he will be more resilient in dealing with that.

I always enjoy the Pro Bowl as a spectacle and show case, never more than seeing the players interact around the resort and at practice. But this position group, they were all business. Aloha.


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