Stafford is THE one!

April 25, 2009

76904497RM010_GEORGIA_V_FLOIt was almost a foregone conclusion, but finally, the deal is done, Detroit getting their QB and face of the franchise, as well as their desire to avoid a contract holdout. Stafford will look to form an exciting combination with all-world WR Calvin Johnson and be the first pick of Jim Schwarz coaching career.

The question now lies in the 2009 plans for the Detroit depth chart. Stafford is being paid like the best QB in the game, but on opening day, will he be the starter? With Culpepper in the mix I am sure that Stafford will be given the chance to pace himself, but expectations are huge.

QB #1 on the board. Who comes next?


2009draft_msanchezThey have thrown touchdown pass after touchdown pass. They can do a 7 step drop in their sleep. They live and breathe xs and 0s.  But will they have done enough to impress NFL GMs and coaches to be drafted this weekend?

Matt Stafford (Georgia) and Mark Sanchez (USC) are the unanimous first-round QBs, with Qb-starved teams also contemplating reaching for Kansas State’s Josh Freeman. But where will they fall? Pat White was a Heisman-candidate at QB for West Virgina, but his size and skill set are creating mixed opinions about his best position in the pros. Will somone give him a chance to be an NFL QB? Rhett Bomar was a touted recruit before being kicked-off Oklahoma’s team and finishing his career at Sam Houston State. He has the pro attributes, but will his off-field issues and small-school competition reduce his value?

These are the questions that will soon be answered. Stay tuned for all the analysis and opinion about the QB Draft action this weekend.